We prepare you for success

With CYP on your side, you’re ideally prepared for every professional challenge and can therefore be self-determined and successful. With our innovative capacity and digital affinity, as well as our development, application and facilitation of new methods, we are the competence centre in the area of modern learning – sustainable and effective.

In these times of deep-running transformational processes, the winning people and companies are those that are open to change. As inspiring partners, we train, coach and advise our customers proactively and are always up to date. That way, we create sustainable, effective continuing education and development solutions for our customers’ future.

Smart Education

We create a future-oriented knowledge base

Basically, people want to be successful and to progress – especially in banking. Often, they know the best route to their goal but not every turn. We pick these inquisitive, knowledge-thirsty people up where they are and help them on their journey to professional success.

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Meet the future with us

The real entrepreneurial capital for companies is the knowledge in their employees’ heads along with their ability to apply it successfully. Only those who have this human capital will be able to face the future successfully.

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Innovation Lab/Hub

Everything is changing – CYP responds with agility and innovation

Driven by digitalisation, the 21st century is racing ahead from one innovation to the next, with some of them even emerging disruptively. Everything is in flux, everything must move constantly – even though most often the result cannot be definitely described yet.

Give in to change

CYP is a strong partner by your side

We are the leading competence centre for modern learning. CYP was founded in 2003 by the five biggest Swiss banks working together with the Swiss Bankers Association.

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