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CEMET Summer Institute 2018

CEMETS Summer Institute 2018

Once again, we are honored to host the CEMETS Delegation at CYP. This year there are representatives from Benin, Costa Rica, Chile, Nepal, Serbia, South Africa and the USA.

CEMETS is dedicated to the improvement of vocational education and training worldwide through support of economic policy development for educational reform leader, and through the education of the next generation of scholars. It accomplishes these goals through a development programme that offers knowledge and assistance to reform efforts worldwide and brings together the best minds in research and practice. As a second project, CEMETS promotes the training of the next generation of leading scholars and reform practitioners by working with the Swiss Leading House for Economics of Education, Firm Behaviour, and Training Policy and its Doctoral Course Programme in Economics of Education.

We introduced our learning concept at CYP. Here students learn by implementing knowledge and skills in group work and problem-based cases:

  • Learning and innovation skills: critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration.
  • Digital literacy skills: information and media literacy. Since 2012, CYP implemented pure digital teaching. Every apprentice has their own tablet.
  • Career and life skills: flexibility and adaptability, initiative and self-direction and social and cross-cultural interaction.
CEMETS Summer Institute 2018 Impression

Therefore, the apprentices gain the competences that are required for the challenges in tomorrow’s working world.

The participants had the opportunity to interview two bank apprentices from the Credit Suisse; Charanan Saelee and Denzel Wheeler. The participants were, yet again, astonished to see how professional and mature the young people were.

CEMETS Summer Institute 2018 Impression

It was inspiring to feel the enthusiasm for our system. In Switzerland, the apprenticeship system is often taken for granted. For us, it is state of the art. For other countries, this is still a vision.