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Banking & Finance Essentials - Distance Learning

Banking & Finance Essentials - Distance Learning

Your access to the banking world

The Banking & Finance Essentials (BFE) training course is the adult training course recommended by SwissBanking (SBVg) and provides you with a comprehensive insight into the banking world. This further training course renders you eligible to attend the Higher Technical College for Banking and Finance (HFBF).

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Which target group do we address?

The Banking & Finance Essentials (BFE) training course is geared towards lateral entrants to the banking world as well as specialists from a wide range of departments who want to broaden their horizons in banking and understand contexts. The mixed target group guarantees a high-level of exchange and know-how transfer.

What characterises the distance learning course as a further training form?

  • Individual modules can be booked independent of each other (module picking)
  • Independence in terms of venue and time
  • Time saving because there is no travelling time
  • Learning times can be adapted to fit in with your personal daily routine
  • Learning speed, schedule and intensity can be selected independent of other persons

Which personal skills and underlying conditions favour the successful completion of a distance learning course?

  • Self-discipline
  • High level of motivation
  • Self-control skills and the will to acquire knowledge autonomously
  • Suitable work and learning techniques and knowledge of your own learning type (learning coaching can provide support in that respect)
  • Affinity towards electronic media
  • Realistic time management
  • Support from your family, friends and colleagues (e.g. by way of targeted relief prior to examinations)

Facts and Figures of the BFE distance learning course

  • 13 specialist modules, 1 examination
  • Possibility to start at any time
  • Learning time for each specialist module: 8 to 16 hours
  • Module Overview
  • Price Overview

5 good reasons why further training at CYP is worthwhile:

1. Career
– Recommended by SwissBanking (SBVg)
– Opens the door to your banking career
– Enables you to successfully advance your career at the bank

2. Certification
– Certificate recognised by banks

3. Flexible module picking
– Depending on your prior knowledge, you can compile your "Update in Banking" curriculum individually
– It is possible to start at any time

4. Method
– Whatever suits you best: The distance learning course enables you to flexibly plan your studies
– An individual mix of the learning forms is not a problem either

5. Learning content
– Contains the banking specialist knowledge which banks define as essentials
   Provides you, for example, with an insight into the decisions of the Swiss National Bank (SNB).