Your key to success is our training concept

Education concept

To succeed professionally, you need to know and exploit your individual potential. At CYP we base training and further education on the Connected Learning, a unique approach in Switzerland that cements knowledge and ability to the same extent and sets high demands on participants regarding their personal learning strategy.

To the education concept

So that you learn all life long

Our training concept is being taken further afield. We are watching developments in the market and incorporating the input of experts on educational science, brain research and the production of teaching aids. Our concept is being successfully implemented in the training and further education of over 5000 course participants annually throughout Switzerland.

Our method

Connected Learning

Connected Learning ensures a guided but independent and sustainable learning process. This learning process is based on neurological findings and is backed by long-term studies (Hattie). Learning is all about gathering and cross-linking information, pooling knowledge and making situational use of knowledge in context. All participants benefit from our modern CYP Learning Concept, regardless of whether they are apprentices, secondary school graduates, specialists or people seeking a career change.

The Connected Learning approach is based on four didactic principles:

  • Guided but self-organised

    The modules at CYP are constructed with immense variety. They provide a framework that enables participants to take a differentiated approach to their learning by moulding the process to suit their individual needs. Our trainers guide and challenge participants throughout this process.

  • Digital

    What sets CYP’s programmes apart is that they can be followed from anywhere, at any time and at a pace to suit the individual. They combine diverse, coordinated forms of teaching and learning. The majority of courses include a meaningful combination of classroom teaching and self-study with the use of electronic media, which is consistent with the blended learning approach.

  • Practical

    The training and continuing education provided by CYP has a strong connection to the professional lives of our participants. Linking the content to topical issues and personal experience makes it interesting and meaningful to work through (problem-based learning). Real problems and cases help participants to acquire practical knowledge and a wide repertoire of strategies for finding solutions. The goal is for participants to adopt a proficient, flexible and solution-oriented approach to their day-to-day work.

  • Cooperative

    Cooperative learning methods allow participants to develop a common understanding of a situation and to solve a complex problem together. Participants learn more together than they do alone. Working together involves an interactive and structured form of learning in which all participants, with their various skills, play a role in completing a complex task.

Learning with CYP

We take into account the different learning strategies and experiences of participants. We see learning as an individual, guided but self-organised and holistic process of acquiring knowledge. Strong practical relevance increases the meaningfulness of learning and is an important basis for sustainable learning. This also has a positive impact on the motivation to learn. Using various learning methods, participants work on specialist content through interaction and promote interdisciplinary skills.

Prerequisites for participants

CYP assumes that it is basic human nature to want to develop and be educated. We apply a systemic-constructivist approach to the learning environment. This means that in CYP’s learning environment participants share responsibility for the success of their own learning. They assume an active role and are guided by CYP’s trainers. A willingness to work hard and persevere is a key factor for success in the learning process.