We will guide you along the challenging road to your success

People basically want to be successful and to get ahead – especially in banking. But often they do not really know how best to reach their goal. What we do is meet these curious and inquisitive people where they are right now and support them on the path to professional success.

Smart Education

Basically, people want to be successful and to progress – especially in banking. Often they know the best route to their goal but not every turn. We pick these inquisitive, knowledge-thirsty people up where they are and help them on their journey to professional success.

Our method

Connected Learning

Connected Learning ensures a guided but independent and sustainable learning process. This learning process is based on neurological findings and is backed by long-term studies (Hattie). Learning is all about gathering and cross-linking information, pooling knowledge and making situational use of knowledge in context. All participants benefit from our modern CYP Learning Concept, regardless of whether they are apprentices, secondary school graduates, specialists or people seeking a career change.

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Learning with CYP

We take into account the different learning strategies and experiences of participants. We see learning as an individual, guided but self-organised and holistic process of acquiring knowledge. Strong practical relevance increases the meaningfulness of learning and is an important basis for sustainable learning. This also has a positive impact on the motivation to learn. Using various learning methods, participants work on specialist content through interaction and promote interdisciplinary skills.

Smart Education courses

Young talent

The banking sector makes an important contribution to the promotion of young talent. Basic vocational training at a bank is the basis for a career in banking. CYP trains, coaches, encourages and guides participants on their path to professional success with its unique learning principle – Connected Learning.

Skills 4.0

Openness to change, open-mindedness in handling digital tools, greater self-management and creativity are just some of the skills that will be important in the future. The certificate programme Skills 4.0 is aimed at people from all industries who are keen to purposefully shape the second half of their professional career and to continue to develop their potential to suit tomorrow’s workplace.


The certificate programme BFE (Banking & Finance Essentials) teaches the basics of banking, thereby laying the foundations for a career in banking. Participants benefit from CYP’s many years of practical experience as the leading training partner of Swiss banks.

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Client advisor certification

The modular training provided by CYP, the SFI Swiss Banking School and the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich perfectly prepares client advisors for the certification exam.